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My Story

Hi, I'm Katie

I started illustrating food back in March 2020, when we were all thrown into a lockdown, and all of my freelance work was suddenly cancelled.

I’d previously been freelancing for 7 years as a scenic artist - painting large-scale murals and decorative finishes for interior designs, TV and theatre; so when all of my work disappeared… I started painting small things to keep myself occupied! Food became my subject of choice as back in March 2020, all the supermarket shelves were empty and the only highlight to my days of lockdown was ‘what shall I eat next?’

I'd recently purchased an Apple Pencil but had yet to really give it a go, so I spent the first few months of lockdown drawing almost 11 hours a day and realised how much I enjoyed it!


I love designing greeting cards

Greeting cards as they are something small that we send to our loved ones to bring a smile to their face or to show our love.

A birthday isn’t a birthday with a shelf full of greeting cards from our friends and family. My range of products has recently expanded to include tea towels and notepads, I hope to expand this in the near future. 

I'm constantly thinking of new designs for new greeting cards and am trying to make sure that my store is a 'one stop shop' for all food related gifts. I'm forever taking inspiration from the world around me. 


Get a custom food painting

I also paint original gouache paintings (food-related, of course). If you’d be interested in commissioning me to paint something, please contact me via email below.

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